Advantages and Disadvantages of Golf GPS Device

Do you know what a golf GPS is? Do you know why there are many people love and choose to use this kind of device in golf games? If you are interested in golf and are wondering whether you should own a golf GPS unit or not, read this article to learn more about the common pros and cos of a golf GPS and have the best decision.

Garmin Approach G5 Golf GPS

Garmin Approach G5 Golf GPS


  • Golf GPSs offer a lot of benefits for golf players, especially in competition. A strength point of Golf GPSs is that the users don’t need to aim it at any object but still can obtain the measurement results. This probably is the most outstanding feature of this kind of device because they have the ability to measure the distances to the goals without any restriction on vision and are not influenced by obstacles. With this advantage, players can confidently compete even in unfamiliar courses.
  • In recent years, golf GPSs have been continuously improved with a countless number of versions and functions. There are also many ways of using this kind of device, you can either install a golf GPS app to your smartphone or buy a dedicated standalone GPS unit. Thanks to the diversity of these devices, golfers have lots of options in line with their requirements of feature, style and budget to choose from. For example, if you only need a version of golf GPS that meets the demand of feature and price, you just need to search on the internet, select and download the app you are interested in, then install it to your phone. Of if you want to have a device meeting the criteria of convenience to use in competition, or one that matches your fashion style and your level, there are many other selections for you. In this case, a golf GPS watch or a hat clip would be an appropriate for you.


  • When comparing to a golf laser rangefinder which is a great kind of alternative device, we can easily find that the degree of accuracy of a golf GPS is lower that is mainly dependent on the manufacturer. This will cause the user to be difficult in performing exact shots.
  • A golf GPSs device is only active in courses that it already had information about. It is quite bad if you didn’t check carefully and realize just before a match that the course you are playing not included in your device’s database. It means you have to regularly update information about the maps of courses to ensure that your device is useful in every game.
  • Golf GPS is an advanced technology with many innovations over the years, so it is relatively difficult in installing and using. It will take you a lot of time and effort to get familiarize with this device and to be professional in it.

To summarize, although there are some negative aspects, golf GPSs are still good devices and gain many user’s credence with great benefits. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have better knowledge of this kind of device and get your own choice.

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