Hammock For Baby

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To walk baby, there is not only the stroller. The hammock allows you to walk with your child while keeping your hands free. This accessory also has the advantage of allowing the mother to nurse her child in any discretion anywhere.

Princess of the hammock for baby

baby hammock

The baby hammock is also called a sling or loop scarf (or ring scarf). It is carried shoulder-to-shoulder on one shoulder so as to install baby elongated or seated, the buttocks wedged in the hollow part, unlike the baby carrier which only offers a sitting position to the little one Ventral or dorsal.

The baby hammock attaches and adjusts itself by means of rings (or buckles) in which one passes the fabric to keep baby well. It can be used:

– In the ventral position (baby is positioned heart-to-heart or elongated);

– On the hip.

Baby hammock: three positions according to the age of the child

The baby hammock is evolutionary according to the age of the child:

– From the first weeks of baby: the hammock for baby must be used in the ventral position according to a posture called “raised cradle”. The baby is lying there as in a real hammock head and body slightly turned towards the wearer.

– From 1 month: the hammock for baby must still be used in the ventral position in a posture called “heart to heart”. The baby is set up belly against belly or heart to heart against its wearer, legs naturally spread.

– From 4 months and up to 2-3 years depending on the weight of the child: the hammock can be used by carrying the child on the hip, from the moment the child knows how to hold his head and starts To sit down.

Tip: As soon as you begin to feel pain in the back or tensions in the shoulder muscles, it is time to stop using the baby hammock and your child is probably too big!

Advantages and disadvantages of the baby hammock

Before you make your choice among all the carrying accessories, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of the baby hammock.

Advantages of the Baby Hammock

The baby hammock has many advantages:

It is very fast to put on and take off.

It allows to breastfeed in all discretion, thanks to its tissue that you can easily raise towards you and baby.

The baby hammock fabric protects the baby from the sun.

There is a wide choice of styles and colours.

Once removed and folded, the baby hammock takes up little space.

Disadvantages of the baby hammock

The main and only drawback of the baby hammock is that the baby is wearing a shoulder strap and the weight of the baby weighs on a single shoulder. It will be tiring for long walks.

To avoid hurting your back and shoulder during longer and more tiring strolls, do not hesitate to choose a padded baby hammock at the level of the shoulder. Also consider changing shoulder regularly.

Prices for baby hammocks

The price of a hammock for baby varies from 40 to 70 € depending on:

– Of the fabric used;

– The presence or absence of padding at the shoulder;

– The presence or absence of a storage pocket.

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