Overview Of Golf GPS Watch

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What is a Golf GPS watch?

Much more than a fashionable accessory, a Golf GPS watch offers many features. It provides data that relates to barriers, scoring. The golfer can also use it to evaluate his progress and to perfect his swing.

The GPS golf watch also has the ability to store all information about your performance, including the distance covered on foot and the clubs used. The golf GPS watch may be tactile but also offer you a complete mapping of golf courses around the world. Elegant, lightweight, the Golf GPS watch is perfect for everyday use.

Why use a golf GPS watch?

garmin approach x40

Garmin Approach X40

It combines the simplicity and precision of a watch with GPS technology. Proceed on the tee with your golf GPS watch and it will automatically locate the course as well as the hole played. Its main function will be to give you the entry, middle and bottom distances of green. But some more advanced devices will make it possible to obtain more amazing information than the others.

Obviously, with a GPS watch, there is no need to see the target clearly to get distances. And even if you play at dawn or dusk, lighting conditions are no longer a problem. Among other things, distance reading will not be affected. Also, it can be of great help by being a score card. It will be easier to follow all the statistics of the recent parties.


A Golf GPS watch incorporates a function that allows to install the new updates of the course. For those who are not IT professionals, it’s better to opt for ready-to-use models. In addition, it must be verified that the database is sufficient enough to ensure good GPS coverage. In addition, an easy to use device should be preferred. With technical innovations, Golf GPS watches are becoming more and more sophisticated.

Most golf GPS as well as the new golf analyzers for the swing are equipped with a color touch screen where information about the obstacles on the number of bunkers is displayed. The features available on these golf GPS systems vary according to the model: digital scorecard, statistical analysis and golfer progression. The most sophisticated golf GPS watches even feature an aerial view of each hole.

How to choose your golf GPS watch?

golf gps watch reviews

Although many manufacturers focus on the convenience and ease of use of the watch, others focus on GPS accuracy. Nowadays, GPS golf watches are also comparable in particular in terms of configurations, battery life, features and even weight.

If you want to find the golf GPS watch that fits your game and your personality, here are the essential points to take into account:

  • Installation: no need to be an ace of computers to perform installations and upgrades, but better a ready-to-use device.
  • GPS coverage: Most have a sufficient database, but if you like to play abroad, make sure that it has coverage accordingly.
  • Ease of use: if comfort and speed are your motto, this criterion should not be neglected.
  • Features: Colour touch screen? Information about obstacles? Scoring? Tracking progress? Or smart notifications? It is up to you to make your choices.
  • Battery life: most watches quietly hold an 18-hole full battery, but if you happen to chain 36 holes, make sure it holds.

More importantly, the choice must be made based on the accuracy of the device and the mapping.

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