The Best Music Systems Brands For A Car

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The sound seems just a characteristic technology in a car, but it is so different in a premium car because of the level of the quality and the design. The audio systems of the best original equipment producers all over the world (OME) are manufactured just for the particular moderns from the best car audio brands with a long-standing tradition in sounding field.

These brands with many reviews are Harman-Kardon, Bang&Olufsen, Meridian, Burmester, and JBL. The car manufacturers do not usually choose the providers to bring their customers the best music experiences in 4-wheels product. And these systems are worthy as these expensive modern cars.

Besides the brands specialize about sound, many other brands are named in random equipment program as Dynaudio, Sony, JBL, Pioneer, Rockford Fosgate, Panasonic, and Bose. The behind list are showed the best top music systems appreciating by Autoevolution being equipped in their cars.


The products of Germany brands only buy along to car availably equipping in Mercedes and Porsche brands. There are only three Mercedes models having Burmester system, while many Porsche models take it into an individual system. Another fact without much knowing is Bugatti used to bring Burmester to Veyron.

Meanwhile, S-class certainly decorates Burmester ,C-class takes it as a random, even one of Mercedes model also uses this high-class system is V-class.

Burmester on Porsche Carrera 4S 2014

The price of Burmester systems depend on each model car but always touch a premium sound experience. In V-class has 16 speakers and 10 channels amplifier. Total capacity is 640 Watt. And C-class remains 13 speakers and amplifiers DSP 9 channels for 590 Watt.

The top is Burmester in S-class with Hi-end 3D-surround system and 24 speakers plus 24 channels amplifiers. Total capacity reaches 1.540 Watt.


The Meridian Surround system in Jaguar XJ L 2014

Meridian is another specialized audio systems and has some partners in the car industry. The England brand can be found in the same brands such as Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar, and McLaren.

It has three equipment levels but some of them can be randomly chosen. The customers can select one of Meridian Sound, Meridian Surround Sound, and Meridian Signature Reference. The last system only exists in Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

Two first establishing frequently appear in Jaguar, Land Rover and some Range Rover models. Some of the McLaren models are equipped Meridian Sound like P1, 675 LT, and 650 S. If the customers want something more special can be found Naim, a brand matching to Bentley models since 2008.

Bespoke Audio System of Rolls-Royce

The premium brand always finds the way to get the first position in many angles with the personalization system of the best car audio architects all over the world creating by their owns.

Roll-Royce develops this product in 2 years and Bespoke Audio makes harmonious every interior in a car. This system appears at the first time in Wraith model and the random design for the other models.

In Wraith Inspired by Music model, it owns 1300 Watt system with 18 channels being supported by 2 bass speakers, 7 tweeter speakers, and 7 mid speakers. At ceiling of the car is given 2 different handmade speakers brings the air of a live theater.


The producer from Denmark is known with the best establishing system. The admirer can find the Bang&Olufsen system on all models from Audi to BMW, even Aston Martin belong to this list.

The most expensive product of B&O frequently appears to Aston Martin, and almost England brands are equipped B&O sound system. The others are Audi A5, Q7, BMW series 7, even some models of Mercedes used to have B&O before the German brand changing to Burmester.


Another sound brand from England, like Meridian, Bowers&Wilkins cooperate to some partners in car industry of new generation BMW series 7 using Bowers&Wilkins instead of Bang&Olufsen. It is the same in other BMW series, but series 7 is the only model can be equipped this system.

Volvo brand still reserves the space for Bowers&Wilkins and this sound solution seems the most expensive equipment in XC90 and S90 models.

The third brand favor Bowers&Wilkins is Maserati. The Italian brand decorates the England music system in three models as the first SUV of Levante, sports sedan Ghibli, and Quattroporte.

Sonus Faber

The Italian brand co-operates to same country brand Pagani, they design the special sound system together for Huayra. The wire of speaker is combined with carbon fiber and neodymium magnet maximum decrease the weight while highly remain the sound productivity.

Sonus Faber calls this product “handmade sound” in Huayra with establishing 2 tweeter speakers, 2 mid-woofer speakers, 2 same axle- axis drivers, 2 amplifiers, and 1 subwoofer.

Other special sound systems

Not only the brands are named provide many premium sound systems when equipping up to the demand of car owners but also many others are still found by the admirers by their quality products.

Mark Levinson is familiar with Lexus. All random systems provide by Mark Levinson used to focus on the pure sound, and the American brand announced that these premium Japanese brands are the only place where the car models own the calm enough to enjoy completely the experiences of sound establishing they bring.

Haman Kardon is also the brand of America used to equip in Land Rover since 2010 and have the relationship with BMW, like Jeep, Chrysler, and the other brands.

JBL appears as a high random music system for Toyota beginning in 1996. Besides, the super Ferrari brand also has a relationship to JBL since 2008.

In conclusion, all the best music brands for car also own many special functions and suitable points for each model car they are equipped. Each brand creates each special feature that polishes their names in the music market. However, it is up to the model car you own, you can be a please to your current music system in your car, or you can change and replace the one will be suitable for your current car.

I am Leroy Simmons. The audio brand I like best is Burmester because Mercedes are the brand I admire for a long time

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