Why People Love Playing Golf?

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Have you ever wonder why people love playing golf so much? I bet once a person has started playing golf, they will never give up on it. Why is golf so attractive? On the weekend, we can lie in bed lazily reading a book or listening to music. Instead we have to go out to the golf course. Sometimes the weather is so hot. Sometimes the weather is so cold. But all of those things cannot stop us from playing our wonderful game – golf. And also, golf is not a cheap sport to play. You have to buy a lot of expensive golf equipment. You need to prepare for yourself the best golf clubs, the best golf rangefinder, the best golf swing analyzer, the best golf bags or even the best golf push cart. All those best golf bags and other things will take a lot of money away from you. But once again, you still cannot resist the attractiveness of this game. We agree that there are so many things that can make golf a hard sport to play. But there are also thousands of reasons that make us want to be a golfer. So in this article we will discuss why people love playing golf so much that they are willing to stay out in the hard weather and spend a lot of money.

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The first reason is that golf helps us relieve stress. After a long week of working in the office, a golf game will be everything we need. Nothing is better for your health than staying out in the nature, breathing the fresh air, looking at the green grass and the blue sky. Golf brings us so closer to nature. For me, I think I am a golf addictor. I think about golf so many times in a day and even when I sleep. I just wish the weekend will soon come and I will again have time to play golf. I cannot imagine how my life would be without golf.

The second reason that explains why people love playing golf so much is that golf is a social game. Golf will not be golf if it is played alone. We can practice golf alone. But we play golf with our partners. We can make friends by playing golf with people. In business, they often invite their partners to play golf with them. So golf will connect the players and make us friends. It will make it easier to do business.

The third reason that makes us love playing golf is that we can show ourselves in the game. It is not a very easy to play golf. Golf requires us a lot of practice and patience. So if we can play golf well, we will be quite proud of ourselves. Especiall when we gets older and stays away from the competitive world, golf course is a play where we can show that our age is high but our mind is also high, not old yet.

So now you know why people love playing golf.

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